Jiangsu Province JianErKang Medical Dressing Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1993,  Jiangsu Province JianErKang Medical Dressing Co.,Ltd  (JEK)  is the largest privately held medical dressing manufacturer & OEM supplier in China , engaging in developing, manufacturing and marketing the medical devices and OTC drugs . JEK is located  300 kilometers to the west of Shanghai in Jintan District , Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China,...


Add:No.1, Jian Er Kang Road, Zhixi Industrial Park, Jintan City
International Marketing Department Tel:+86-519-82444628

  Liquid Packing   Gauze swabs series   Gauze roll series
  Gauze ball series   Non-woven swabs series   O.R. Towel
  Lap Sponge   Cutting gauze   Bandage
  Absorbent cotton
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